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Our Heritage

SICOMS commenced under the patronage of Gandhi Seva Sadan Charitable Trust, which was established in 1945 by (Late) Mr. K. Kumaran, a Gandhian, freedom fighter and a social reformer. The trust is a pioneer in the field of education and has been managing educational institutions of high quality. 

About The Founder

Gandhi Seva Sadan was founded by Shri. Kollaikal Kumaran, son of Shri. Madathil Narayanan Nair and Smt. Kollaikal Devakiamma. Shri Kumaran was a reformer in the field of education who was a firm believer in basic Education – a Gandhian concept that revolved around domain knowledge along with apt skills that completes the learning process. Shri Kumaran took inspiration from none other than Mahatma Gandhi and strongly believed that India lived in its villages. Heeding to Mahatma Gandhi’s call to youngsters to live and work in the villages of India, Shri. Kumaran set forth and put in place the first modest steps for what was to become a big institution in his native village, Perur. With the help of a small sum donated by few elders in the village, he bought 12 charkas (cotton spinning machines – which, at that time, symbolized of the aspirations of an independent India) and began his journey towards uplifting the society in which he lived, to greater levels of empowerment. A number of institutions in the fields of education, health and manufacturing (cottage industries) were founded by this visionary in the succeeding years.

Other Institutions under Gandhi Seva Sadan Charitable Trust

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